Updates on Francisco's Care

I thought it would be a good idea to create a dedicated post to share how the money collected for Francisco's care is being utilized. I'm not sure what the best method is to present the date visually, but I'll do my best. At the present, I keep the information updated in a table in a document and it is working well so far. 

To bring you up to speed if this is the first time you are hearing about this, my previous post announced a new pattern designed by me specifically to raise money for a gentleman that my husband visits at least once a week. He takes care of Francisco because no one else is around to do so. On his visits, here are some of the things he does for him: check and refill his medications, take him to the doctor or pharmacy, purchase groceries for him, bathe him, and coordinate his medical information with medical personnel or agencies. All the funds raised by the pattern go directly toward this care. Francisco actually bakes cheesecakes and sells them at a local venue, and the money he makes from those is very minimal.

I will keep this specific post updated as to where the money is going, but I won't be posting the total amount raised because that changes every single day. 

Date Amount Description
2017-04-10 56.95 Groceries
2017-04-14 12.69 Fruits
2017-04-19 87.39 Prescription medication
2017-04-19 64.72 Household items
2017-04-24 10.23 Fruits
2017-05-08 46.12 Foods and household items
2017-05-09 120.00 Medical appointment
2017-05-09 21.82 UBER home from appointment