Commission requests are a difficult subject to discuss with people because there is a vast ocean between the requester and the maker in understanding the amount of work that goes into a handmade item. The price of a handmade item cannot be fairly compared to the price of something bought at a store. There is no automated manufacturing involved in a handmade item that might keep the cost low. 

Here is a breakdown of how handmade items are often priced:

To put it in more understandable terms, I will give you an example. I made this Captain America blanket seen below for my husband. 

Cost of materials (yarn) = about $60 (after using coupons on every skein)
Amount of time it took to complete = about 75 hours

$60 + (75 x $10/hr) = $810. That would be the wholesale price of this blanket. However, there is no way I would ever charge that amount, because there is no way anyone would pay that amount.

Doilies can look misleading. They are much smaller and thus are often assumed to take less time.  However, that is not the case. Though the cost of materials for a doily is very cheap compared to other crocheted items, the time involvement is no different. This doily, for example, is called "Double Pineapple Doily" and usually takes me about 20 hours to complete and 1.5 skeins of thread. $4.50 + (20 x $10/hr) = $204.50.  I would never charge that amount. 

The reason why I'm breaking this down is because, often, people request handmade items and don't consider what they are actually worth. Even still, the price they are willing to pay is usually less than the actual cost of the materials that go into it.

My pricing for commissions is the bare minimum of what I would be willing to charge for my time. I don't aim to make money off my work; I simply require being paid for the time it takes.  I love making items for people; seeing the happiness it brings makes all the work worth it. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this explanation page. And feel free to use the Contact page above to request a commission!