New Pattern: "Alice"

Today's new pattern is called "Alice." 

'Alice' uses at least 325 yards / 45g of size 10 thread. I used Aunt Lydia's classic crochet in the color red with a 1.75mm hook and came out to about 13-inches in diameter from point to point.

This pattern wasn't my favorite to design--at first. I had a difficult time being inspired for the last half of it, so I set it down for a few days. After picking it back up, the rest came together quite quickly. And I'm very happy with how it turned out. You can find the pattern in my pattern store as soon as I upload it.

New Pattern: "Etienne"

The other day I came across a name that I knew I had to add to my list: Etienne. After a quick search, I found out it actually means "Steven" in French. I love French, and my husband's name is Steven, and I don't care that it's a male name--it sounds lovely. So today's pattern is named Etienne.

This pattern worked up very quickly and I am completely in love with it. It's only 25 rounds. I used a 1.75mm hook with size 10 thread (Alize Miss Batik)--about 250 yards of it.

The pattern has a few interesting stitches, and so for the first time, I have created a few short videos of these specific stitches in order to aid those who might find them a challenge. These videos can be found in my Facebook discussion group for my patterns. Therefore,  in order for you to access them, you must be part of the group on Facebook.

If you are interested in this specific piece for purchase, you can find it in my shop. The pattern is available on ravelry through my pattern shop.

New Pattern: "Helena"

I know it's been about a month, but I have another new pattern for you. This one is called "Helena," a name taken from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream

This pattern is 31 rounds and comes out to about 10 inches when using a 1.75mm hook with size 10 crochet thread. 

The center was really fun for me to make. I was inspired by those doilies that have the wide SC center. However, I didn't get very far before I was bored with all the rows of SC and decided to change it up. I'll make a wide-SC-center doily someday, but not today.

You can find this pattern in my pattern shop or if you're interested in this actual piece you can find it available for purchase in my shop.


"Sherrie" in Alize Miss Batik #3708

I've been wanting to try Mary Werst's patterns for a while now, and I finally pulled out "Mary's Doilies" and picked one. So today I show you "Sherrie." 

This pattern is 29 rounds and has a lot of repeating sections to create such a lovely design. With a 1.75mm hook with size 10 thread, mine came out to about 12-inches in diameter. The interesting thing is that the pattern states it requires about 400 yards, but I used less than 300. I knew I would use less because I do crochet tighter, but I didn't think I'd use 25% less. It worked out, though, because I only had 4g of the thread left in the same skein. 

The pattern also states a few rounds in that it will ruffle. I cannot being to stress how much of an understatement this is. Mine was ruffled so much it was folding on itself until I blocked it. I was a little nervous it wouldn't block correctly, but thankfully I had no problem.

And yet again, I used Alize Miss Batik thread, this time in color #3708. I am so in love with this thread, but you really do have to find the right patterns for it. Patterns that have repeating designs like pineapples can be tricky with this tread because the variegation can cause the design to get lost in the color changes. I don't think the pineapples in this pattern specifically need to pop, so I used the thread anyway.

Anyway, if you're interested in this piece, as always, it's available in my shop. Custom orders are available by request.